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Introduction and game progress

2008-06-22 15:15:46 by Vertigo-Zero

Hello all of you :) I have been a lurker on newgrounds for ages, and thought I'd join up. I enjoy watching and playing all these great flash creations but I cant make anything in flash myself. :( We did have some lessons but I decided to give up on it. I am however, doing lots of creative stuff. I enjoy drawing on paper or digitally and I am also a game programmer and pixel artist.

Anyway, I will show you what im working on at the moment, since it is Newgrounds related.
I am programming a fighting game featuring almost any well known character. (From games, movies, comics and series) I noticed the style I started with looks a LOT like newgrounds' tankmen. (maybe unconsciously a big inspiration?) So I decided to add them in. :)

I will post the demo shortly, so hang tight! The game currently has 28 playable and 10 non-playable characters. (Those are randomly chilling in the title screen, seemed like a fun extra.)

Here is a mock-up of the character selection screen:

Introduction and game progress


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